How much do Social Workers make?

Nationally, social workers make between $39,000 and $54,000 a year on average, which is approximately the same salary as most school teachers. The salary a social worker earns depends on several different factors, the chief factor being their geographical location. For instance, social workers in California, Alabama and Massachusetts tend to receive a higher rate of pay, while social workers in Nebraska, Louisiana and Hawaii are often paid the least.

The particular area of practice or specialization will also play a major role in how much a social worker makes, i.e. forensic social workers, school social workers, medical social workers or private practice. Social workers who are employed by the government often make less than those who are self employed or work for private agencies and institutions. In addition, a social worker’s level of education and work experience will certainly influence the amount of compensation a social worker earns. On the average a masters level social worker makes between 30 – 40% more than an bachelors level social worker. Generally speaking, an entry level social worker will start out between $26,000 and $33,000 whereas a more seasoned masters level social worker can earn as much as $59,000 a year or more.

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